Ricoh C7100X - random dots printing in background/non-image area

Jun 15, 2019
G'day all... first time poster here and hoping someone may be able to help me out - I work for a small commercial printing company and we have a Ricoh C7100X production machine. We've had many issues with it over the past 2 and a half years and the local tech just doesn't seem to be able to fix it and Ricoh have been pretty useless in helping solve all the issues. Would never recommend anyone getting one for production work.

One issue I'm having, and this current job (business cards) I'm trying to print has made it really noticeable, is a dot being printed in the background/non-image area. Under a glass these dots are a mix of CMYK dots, random sizes and spaces. It doesn't matter what I print they're there. I can print a completely blank page and it's covered in these dots up to the print margin. I've tried calibrating it numerous times and seems to help for a short while but doesn't completely get rid of them. I've also tried using other colour profiles with no difference. Executing DEMS also seems to help temporarily.

This issue has been getting worse as the machine ages which leads me to believe it's a hardware issue. Going back over jobs we printed when the machine were first installed, the dots have always been there but were barely visible to the naked eye. Now they stand out and is quite obvious.

I should also note it's much worse on heavier stocks (300gsm Pacesetter single sided gloss in this case). On thinner stocks, such as 90gsm laser it's barely noticeable. On 130gsm coated stocks such as HannoGloss/Sovereign it's quite noticeable.

Anyway, if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this issue I would appreciate hearing from you. The techs at Ricoh haven't found a solution and I'm drawing a blank with google searches!

Thanks in advance


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May 18, 2023
Dirty toner shield glasses can contribute to this issue. Failing to replace the air filters in the rear of the machine can lead to poor ventilation and make the issue worse. If the above does not work, it is most likely the drums need to be replaced . They can be contaminated from environmental issues and develop a film especially if the ventilation is impaired. On a brand new machine you can see very slight background but this issue can be seen with the naked eye.

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