Ricoh MP 4054 - Scan to Shared Folder randomly stops

Apr 9, 2018
My apologies in advance... I'm somewhat tech competent, but far from savvy or an IT specialist.

I work for a small firm and we have the Ricoh MP 4054 and everything was set up by a more tech savvy employee 2 years ago. That employee is no longer around and we can't contact her.

We scan files to a shared file on a computer. No one uses this computer, it's just a poor man's document server and host at this point.

It uses SMB connection and the connection DOES WORK, but randomly throughout the day the scans decide to not work, and then we restart the computer... PRESTO! The scans will work again and go to that computer.

The restarting never used to be a problem, when it was once every three days or so. Now we're restarting the computer hourly. It's a bit cumbersome. I've created another shared folder on other computers, and tried scanning there, but with similar results, just less often. I've checked the network adapter to ensure that the power settings hadn't been changed to allow that computer to put the hard drive to sleep or shut off the network, and again, it works just fine if we restart the computer. But 8 times a day get's a little hectic around here.

Could I perhaps get some help? And please be kind. What seems like an easy solution for you may be way over my head. Thanks in advance!

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