Ricoh MP C2551AD Network Scan To Folder

Nov 11, 2019
I use the RICOH Aficio MP C2551AD as a network printer at work. The device scans to the public folder on the network. But I wanted to use local network instead of public network. For this, the device configuration; Instead of the FTP protocol, which is a common network communication, the desktop group was configured to scan the shared folder that I created in the system with SMB protocol and the Windows 10 operating system and 1809 architecture on the network. I wasn't some kind of success. I checked your network, printer, and computer settings on the computer. His thing is normality.
Configuration settings as follows;

Registration Number: 00002
Listing: filename
Key View: filename

Title 1: None
Title 2: None
Title 3: None
Add to Favorites: Open

Authentication Information
User Code: Empty
SMTP Authentication: Do Not Specify
Folder Authentication: Another Authentication Information Below
Login Username: xxxxxx (I'm sure I typed it correctly)
Login Password: xxxxxx (I'm sure I typed it correctly)
LDAP Authentication: Do Not Specify

Available Functions
Color Copy Mode Limitation: Automatic Color Selection Limit (Selected by default)

Use Name As: Destination (Selected by default)
Protect Goal
Protection Element: Empty
Protection Mode: Idle (Inactive)

Email Address: Blank
User Policy Status: None
User Certificate: Empty
Encryption: Custom settings (selected by default)

Protocol: SME
Port No: 21 (Written by default, inactive, cannot be changed)
Connection Type: NDS (selected by default, inactive, cannot be changed)
Server Name: Empty (Inactive, cannot be changed)
Path: \\ \ filename (I'm sure I'm typing it correctly)

Add to Group
Group Details: Change (Active, not using)

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