rx595 and win 7 drivers

Dec 28, 2009
Hi all hope I can get some help with this printer.Here's the problem win 7 won't load the drivers I went to Epson site downloaded lastert drivers for win 7 64 bit,install the package then hooked up printer. I rebooted computer found new hardware but failed to load drivers. Also I flashed my bios to the latest ver. prior to this.
Printer of course was still not working so I tried to install the drivers by adding new printer, Got the printer working by using generic ESC/P-R. only thing wrong is I have a $175.00 printer that only works as a $39.00. Had this printer on another system using vista 64 and all worked great. (tried vista drivers also). My system is Asus 1156 MB,i5-750 cpu 4 gig gskill ram, vision tek 4850 gpu. WD 650 and sammt 750 fi spinpoint hard drives.Don't know if this info is needed or not. Thanks for any help


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