samsung scx 3405 pc's picks up printer but cannot print to it using usb.

Oct 7, 2013
I wonder if any of you out there can help me as I am in a bit of a bind. I am a outsourced PC technician and 1 of my clients had purchased a 'new' Samsung SCX 3405 printer so that one of his staff members could operate remotely. The trouble is that the mentioned printer does not want to print at all. The pc (windows XP) is able to communicate with the printer (using the supplied cable) but it never wants to do a test print ever. I tested it on 2 similar specced pc's but still the same issue. I even connected it to a windows 7 pc (which pulled the drivers from windows update whereas the other machines the drivers came off the supplied cd).

According to my info this printer should work with windows XP (as there are drivers for it) but it doesn't. I even restarted the print spooler services and used the samsung universal driver but to no avail.

I will only be able to test whether any tips or ideas that you can supply me tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

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