scanner playing around.

Mar 2, 2012
Hi all,
I have a canon MP160 scanner/printer, I only use it for scanning and it has been great untill now, out of the blue, when I put a dvd disk in the scanner to scan the disk it scans but the image is to one side some, and when I try to put it into my disk printing program it does not sit on the disk properly its all to one side, its only started doing this in the last day or so, is it dead ? or is there some thing I can do to get her back on track, its been a great scanner for me if I can would love to keep it.

Thanks in advance for any help you maybe able to give.

Peace & Blessings.

Norm . . .

PS: is there no one in here that has come across this before, it looks as though this forum has been running for many years now and that is great, so I wonder why am I not getting some sort of response from any one ??? cheers.
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