Should I keep this $30 Canon MP830

Nov 14, 2008
I wasn't even looking for a printer but I was at staples and saw a floor model Canon Pixma MP830 for $30 out the door. At the time it was a no-brainer and I bought it to replace our PC-bundled Lexmark Z515.

After getting home I started to look up reviews for it online. There were SO MANY that complained about ink-use and several that claimed their machines simply died. I'd rather not waste my money if I'm going to be spending a lot more on ink than I am currently.

I've priced compatible ink at for ~25 to replace all 5 tanks which is certainly reasonable. I'm not printing many (if any) photographs.

Should I keep it or stick with the old Lexmark......or go with this Refurbished Brother MFC-240C at Staples for the same price ($30).

I really want to save money in the long term....but it would be nice to have scanning and copying which the Lexmark doesn't have.
Dec 6, 2008

When ever you look at purchasing a printer, for home, the office or production, consumables must be calculated in to the running costs. In my Printer, MFD & Fax Purchase Checklist I wrote about how my old family printer was a bargain to buy but over time cost just as much as a higher quality laser printer that had more features and higher quality.

Weigh up the costs versus costs in the long-run so you know how much you will eventually spend. There is absolutely no use purchasing something that is low to start of with but will blow you hip-pocket out overall.

Check out my site for a free copy of my checklist if this helps.
Apr 6, 2010
You should check the ink cartridge costs. The printer may have only cost you 30$, but when it comes to buying new ink cartridges, it may cost another 30$ or more for the ink.

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