Some basic advice needed regarding print software, bleeds and cutting.

Sep 25, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have a small print business selling invitations me and my wife have been running it for the last two years.

However we are complete novices to this world and have just been learning on the job. Originaly it started as a hobby we bought an oki c610 and we where printing postcard style invitations straight onto pre purchased A6.

This was working fine, but we where getting busier and it was taking to long to print the quality was only standard and the costs where high.

We then invested in an xerox phaser 7800 and an ideal 1058 and started printing on A3 and cutting them down to A6, I was not sure how to print 8 A6 on an A3 so created a photoshop action to do this every time we send a job to print. This again was working fine for a while, however we started to get busier again.

We then thought it best to upgrade our printer again to save on costs again and purchase a new gullitone as it was taking far to long cutting on the ideal 1058.

We invested in a xerox 550 and an ideal 4305.

The problem i now have is i want to print on sra3 and cut them down to full edge to edge A6. using the photoshop action i created i can do this however when we come to cut the cards it becomes an absolute nightmare trying to cut them as i can not get the blade 100% in the middle so there is always a hairline of one card on the other which we then have to trim off.

I know for a fact am probably doing this all the wrong way.

My questions are if anyone can help is how am i supposed to do it properly what software is used how do bleeds work, how can i get perfect cuts.

Thanks in advance any help would be much appreciated.

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