Tabloid Printing w/Xerox Phaser 7500

Oct 16, 2009

We recently purchased a Xerox Phaser 7500. For the most part all is fine. However, we’re having a problem printing PowerPoint slides on Tabloid (11”x17”) paper (letter sized works fine).

We select Tabloid paper size; then “Scale to fit paper”. Doing a Preview shows exactly what we want. The output is similar to what’s displayed, except it does not print to tabloid size. It prints letter size output on tabloid paper. There is a large 2”+ white border around the image.

If we select “Other size” from the Paper option, then define Output as Tabloid and define Original Document Size as Tabloid (after receiving warning “Document size is generally specified by the application”), it prints to the outer limits of the paper.

We have numerous other printers and copiers from other vendors (HP, Lanier, Canon, Savin, etc.) in other departments that work fine. That is, when we select output “Tabloid”, it prints the entire document on 11”x17” paper with very limited border.

My question: Is there some setting on the Xerox driver that will perform as with all others? Or must we always select Other Size; then go through the convoluted selection process?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


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