Transparants on SC P600 not working anymore...

Apr 9, 2020

I am an electronic hobbyist and make my PCB's myself by printing the layouts on transparent sheets. This has always worked fine until last Monday...
For some reason, when I insert a transparent, the layout is cutted off (only the left part is printed). On normal white paper, it print perfectly. A test page on a white sheet is perfect, on a sheet is also cutted off (see attach, second page, the first is a copy of the white page, the second is on a transparent).
When I print a configuration status report initiated from the menu on the printer itself (without the use of a PC) it print normal, and with perfect quality on the sheets, so the sheet quality is not the issue here.
Epson itself first said it was a driver problem, when they checked, I had the latest driver. The they said it is a windows problem, when I said it worked perfectly on white paper, they said printing on sheets was not supported on that printer... Again, this worked fine for years.
Anyone seen this or have any idea what is happening?
Kind regards,



  • transparency-fail.pdf
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