TWAIN Driver for Lexmark Scan Center & Hi-Res Screens

Mar 23, 2022
I'm the owner of a Dell XPS laptop with a 4K high resolution screen with Windows 11.
I've tried to use the Lexmark Scan Center to scan documents through the flatbed scanner and via the Automatic Document Feeder on a Lexmark CX417de
Each time the Lexmark TWAIN driver provides a pop-up dialog during the scanning process the text in the pop-up window is extremely tiny.
I've tried resetting the text size and magnification via Windows 11 setting but this has no effect. Microsoft confirmed that this is not a Windows problem.
I've also had a long discussion with Lexmark Support who seem to recognise a problem with their TWAIN driver and have placed my Case on a list of bugs requiring development support.
This had a verbal caveat from LEXMARK to the the effect "don't expect a solution any time soon"
With increasing use of UHD screens, do any users have a possible solution to this problem that doesn't involve buying a different printer or investing in the VUESCAN scanning software (which seems to work well)?

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