UTAX CD1030 aka DC21030 scanner drivers for Windows 10

Feb 8, 2023
Hi all,

I'm new here, so not quite sure where to start. I'm unsure if I'm using the correct drivers, so thought would give as much info as possible.
I need to scan with a Kyocera UTAX CD 1030 (aka DC 21030) copier to a Windows 10 PC 64bit. Also have a DF 75 Booklet Finisher attached to the copier.

Other setup info:
Print System U
Fax System J
HD 70 (Copier Hard Disk)
DF 75 Booklet Finisher (Inc. RA 1 Attachment)
HD 5 (Printer Hard Disk)
Scan System E

My setup is 2 ethernet cables going from the copier to my router and 1 ethernet cable going from the router to the PC. Can currently print, but not scan.
Can access printer settings in browser with ip address.
Unsure if the issue is the drivers, lack of compatible software, copier scanner settings, all the above, or anything else.

Found a couple of drivers on

•Now unsure which printer driver I installed as it was a few months ago, but the folder name is KXDriver_cCC_cLP_V801329_PrDr20200218 and I used the 161kb setup file. Pretty sure it was from the utax site.
•Installed the scanner driver from triumph-adler.com, driver SC-30aTwain Ver.1.10
•Installed the Scanner File Utility IV, no idea how to use, does not show a connected scanner.
•Installed the Address Editor, searching for scanner gives no results.
•Just installed some old software from a CD with some difficulty that may not have been installed properly - Scansoft Inc's Paperport 8. This cannot connect to the scanner.
•Tried the TA/UTAX Print Center from https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com/support_ta_utax/printcenter/index10_en.html which did not work.
•Not set up the copier scanner settings, and likely has settings from when attached to an old PC, which someone else did.
•DF 75 is mentioned in the settings pages via browser.

I assume the Scanner File Utility and Address Editor may be a different connection method than TWAIN. Is there any software to use with the TWAIN driver?

May even try using Windows XP in a virtual machine, if can use Hyper-V without issues!

Thanks for any help guiding me in the right direction or confirming if the drivers are correct to scan.
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