WF-845 Unusual Install Failure on Win-10

Dec 6, 2017
All my usual tricks, and the tricks I've scraped from the web, are not working.

Hoping someone can provide something new to me.

Printer: Epson Workforce 845. All software freshly downloaded from Epson.
System: Windows 10

The install goes normally until it is time to actually configure Win-10 to connect to the printer.

During configuration I see two distinct messages:
  • Sending to printer
  • Confirming if the printer is properly connected (to the network)
    • This second window has the animated arrows bouncing back and forth awhile until:
Installation failed (MAC address is correct)
The IP address of your printer may be incorrect.
Enter the correct IP address.
Refer to Help for further information.
After checking the connection, click "Back" to send setup information again.
Have tried both automatic and manual network configurations.​


We have been using this Epson Workforce 845 for years across multiple computers.
  • >> Network install >> Printer already on network. <<

Current successes with WF-845:
2 Win-10 systems
1 Linux system
1 Old Vista I want to decomission and replace with new Win10.
1 Pinging printer by NAME and by IP address from new Win10 command line.
1 Connecting by browser to printer by IP address and host name to use printer's web API.
  • All network parameters look good. Network details:
EPSONWF845, gateway. netmask. MAC good.

Attempts to add a new Win-10 system (Anniversary edition) to replace the Vista system has been failing to install the freshly loaded 845 drivers.
  • From the WF-845 console:
    • Have Confirmed network setup.
    • Have printed out network status (Eth Cable: PASS, IP Addr: PASS, Detailed IP Setup: PASS)
  • On WIn-10 OS have verified:
    • Windows Advantages claims good license.
    • Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.729)
    • Have installed Windows updates.
  • Have turned off Windows Firewall during an installation attempt, to no avail.
  • Have attempted to install under Administrator account, with and without firewalls active.
  • Have connected to the WF-845's http port from the new Win-10 system:
    • Have verified the network settings over the http port.
    • Have upgraded the 845's firmware to no avail. Current Version:CR04G3 6B.6B
    • While it's been sine time since I used it I fired up Wireshark to look for interesting patterns in the packets.
      • (ip.src == || (ip.dst == || (ip.src == || ( ip.dst ==
      • ( (ip.src == || ip.dst == ) && ( ip.src == || ip.dst == || ip.src == || ip.dst == )
    • Lots of packets exchanged between .48 and .200 addresses.
    • After about 90 seconds .200 starts sending MDNS packets to, which seem to be Bonjour / mDNS requests according to the web blogs I see.
Block 224.0.0/24 allocated under rfc3171.​
  • Assume switch of 224 is where the printer gave up on .45 and is trying Apple connections.

Where can I go from here?
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