What is THE best colour laser printer for my money?

Mar 2, 2019
Over the years I've bought a few ink jet and a b/w laser printer. I got tired of buying ink cartridges this last go-around and bought the b/w laser. My thinking was I'd go to London Drugs, Staples and Walmart if I wanted colour prints. I did that but they do not use high quality paper for their prints - I've asked but no go. Even if I was to buy their Pro-photo paper they won't use it to print my photos.

I don't want to spend over $200 but I realize I might have to.

I would like a colour laser printer that is easy to use (most are) and reasonable $$$-wise to replace the cartridge. It also has to be able produce high quality photographs using pro-quality stock paper as well as printing text and photos in b/w of course.

I've been looking online already but I thought here would be a good place for advice.

Thank you,

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