What is the best Printer for printing certificates, diplomas, etc.?

Jul 13, 2011
Hi. I'm looking for preferably a laser printer that ensures that certified copies cannot be altered without detection. It is also important that colored graphics/photos on thick and/or heavy stock still look great.

If I go laser I heard it will be important to be able to Increase the fuser temperature and/or increasing the amount of time the paper is in the fuser unit to result in better adhesion of the toner to the paper, making it more difficult to remove without damaging the paper. I need this adjustment while printing on thick and/or heavy stock, i.e., Fuser Mode.

I'm also curious if anyone knows if there's a printer specifically for handling this type of printing?

If you think Ink-jet or impact printers would be even better for this, I am open to these suggestions as well.

Specifically this will be done for Heraldic Matriculation which uses the same paper as Diplomas.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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