X658de Scanner Question(s)

Feb 18, 2016
I have an X658de multiprinter device and I have two questions about the scanner.

I regularly scan in literally hundreds of small sheets of paper daily. I scan and save these files to my flash drive for ease of use. Unfortunately the sheets are a little bit too small for the scanner it seems. They often get stuck and gives a paper jam error. That's not a major issue, but the problem them comes from the fact that I have to start everything over again. :( Is there anyway I can continue the scan from where it left off? Is there an override option?

My other question is: How can I find out the printer's IP so I can send the scan files to my computer instead of doing the flash drive gauntlet?

Thank you in advance for any answers!


Feb 5, 2018
how small are the sheets? if its jamming a lot it could be just that the feed rollers on the ADF needs to be cleaned. open the cover as if when you are removing a jam and clean the gray rollers with rubbing alcohol. as far as scanning to pc theres a good bit of a process to get it setup for scanning. you have to create folder and permissions for sharing. and use the IP address to direct the scans to your pc. and sometimes you run into software that will block the scans.

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