Xerox 700 vs Xerox 7775

Nov 4, 2013
I have been assigned to research the difference between the Xerox 700 digital press vs Xerox 7775. My company currently subcontracts with a print shop to print our weekly mailer postcard, after working out the numbers we can spend around $12k for our own in house printer. ( We also have confidentiality reasons for bringing printing in house )

A local company has quoted us a used xerox 7775 printer for $12k, this company does maintenance and assures us the insides have been replaced. Including the drum, various rollers etc.. The meter on this printer is 174k

It seems there are many Xerox 700 digital press's for sale around our pricepoint, currently one on ebay for around 12k "buy it now" with 470k on the meter. I'm trying to figure out what the differences are between the 7775 vs the 700....i.e. it looks like there may be the future benefit of various other media that can be printed on the 700 vs the 7775 and the print speed of the 700 is better than the 7775. We mainly print postcard mailers, around 40k per month.

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