$130 worth of ink but only 122-12 VIABLE prints?!?!

Nov 13, 2013
As the title topic says, I am somehow having to buy 130 bucks worth of ink yet I only get 11 or 12 actually viable print outs!!! Specifically, I am printing custom DVD case art/covers for my video game library. Yet the only way to actually get the print outs (DVD case art) to equal the visual quality and color depth of the images displayed on my PC monitor is for me to set it to Photo print settings with the Vivid colors box ticked which burns through ink LIKE FRICKIN' CRAZY. Hence why I keep having to buy new ink at an absurd frequency. Also I am having to print them on Ultra-Glossy photo paper because any other type such as matte, semi-gloss, or brochure paper comes out looking like the image had the contrast set to max of which muddles all of the damned colors down. I have included an example of how drastically different the end print outs become when I print one on the Photo presets with Vivid checked onto ultra high gloss paper and the other on any other preset. The printer I am using is a Canon MX890 by the way. ANY help would be IMMENSELY appreciated!!


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