i9950- worth a try of Chinese printer head or any other ideas ?

Jun 10, 2019

Please see the following image of my i9950. https://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c126/puente22/20190607_142558_LI_zpsfbmup6kj.jpg

I had the error code 5200 I think it was. Not sure now as am not getting that error anymore. Problem has escalated sadly probably because of my interventions.

The i9950 had been working ok until recently. Some time ago it ran out of some of the inks- I was printing via the Resume button but printer got fed up with me doing that it seems as it would then not print unless I replaced the inks. Hence I hunted for my inks- had lots of some but none of a couple of them. I ordered the necessary missing inks.

The only other thing was I had noticed recently I had needed to unplug the printer and restart it- this was prior to the problem that ensued.

The following is a series of errors I feel, but here is what happened. I googled it and saw a couple of YouTube videos and saw a couple of videos where the user in each case was flipping the little white latch (on the right, outlined in red in the picture). I might have accidentally touched the little standing up thin tiny "contacts"? on the left hand side, outlined in green in the picture. Subsequently, I got the 5 yellow and 1 green light flashing and BJ error report indicating the cartridge head was not recognised. The day had started off with me just trying to clean the nozzles a bit whilst I awaited the photo cartridges that I had run out of. I had been able to run a test image subsequently but with printing problems. This was all before the above later errors. Does anyone have any idea if I can rescue my printer? I now have the photo cyan and photo magenta cartridges, but at present do not see the point in putting them in, unless can resolve the BJ, 5 yellow, 1 green flashing error. I did try the reset procedure of pressing on the resume button and then the power button then resume button twice then power button, but sadly that did nothing. I would like to squeeze a bit more life out of the printer if I could. I really would be most grateful for any advice." I know I should have waited on those photo cyan and magenta cartridges and run the usual cleaning procedure. Hindsight is a fine thing. What have I done? Are there any steps I can take?

I have tried to clean contacts on the printer head and the little contacts on the carriage where the head contacts meet. I used an air propellent cleaner. Also tried a clean eraser, and even isopropanol.

I contacted Canon but I knew what they would say, that it was no longer supported.

I am thinking about trying a printer head from China really just as I still have a load of BCI-6 inks.

Are these printer heads from China OK?

Anyway, the head is not recognised. I get the 5 yellow flashing 1green sequence error which I cannot seem to reset.

I am grateful for any advice.

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