80mm Thermal Printer not cutting the roll

Nov 22, 2017
It's a long shot but has anyone had the same issue with the cheaper thermal printers not cutting?
We didn't want to invest 2-300 in a Epson etc printer when we could get these for 70.. long story short we found the drivers with these for cutting the paper isn't working correctly.

When we print on our POS we need two copies of the receipt, when it's set to "cut after page" and the first copy is two pages long it will cut in the middle of the receipt, at the end and beginning of the copy, in the middle of the copy and at the end of the copy. We can give the customer two bits of paper which is meant to be one receipt.

If we set the cutting to "cut after document" for some reason it will print the two copies continuously in one strip and cut right at the end, so you have two receipts on one that you would have to tear in the middle.

Is this a windows issue or a driver issue? I've read somewhere that in Windows there's a way to set the printing so that when you print two it won't send it in one whole document, but I can't find anything obvious.

Little help?
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