Banner printing with Epson WF-7610/20?

Aug 27, 2019
I am trying to print a bulletin board heading/banner on my Epson WF-7610.

I found one posting by someone who appears to accomplish this

I cut a 13" x 48" piece off my roll of Epson Semi-gloss Photo paper, set the printers custom paper size to max 12.95x47.24 and fed it in the rear paper feed.

I initially used Inkscape to make a 47" wide by 13" high banner in landscape mode. Printing direct from Inkscape failed. It printed but only printing on the first 13". I tried exporting to PDF and printing that using Acroread 9 (on linux) and 11 on W7. Acroread 9 printed as if on an 8.5x11. Acroread 11 printed almost rigth but only printing a portion of the 47".

I tried using Inkscape to make 13" wide by 47" high portrait mode with the banner text rotated 90 degrees. Different but similiar results. IE printed a portion or printed a compressed version on the first 13" inches or so.

I tried using Gimp both portrait, and landscape. I tried using LibreOffice. I tried several others.

My fundamental questions is what size and orientation PDF should I be using? What PDF/printer settings should I be using so the Epson WF-7610 prints the whole document/banner as asked.

P.S. The Epson has the latest firmware available and the Linux and Windows computer have the latest drivers available.

Has anyone successfully got this to work and if so using what software/procedure?

R.Parr, Temporal Arts, Portland, OR U.S.A.

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