Best Advice on Refilling

Feb 1, 2021

I have been refilling cartridges for many years for my own printers (HP, Cannon, Brother, Epson - both Inkjet and Laser), and a few years back began using products from Tom at (shameless plug;))

He has been around a long time, has never let me down, and I like supporting a local business (having recently moved to Sunny Florida - sorry about all my northern compatriots dealing with all that white stuff today :eek:- Now as my wife says we get to shovel sunshine!:cool:).

With all the shenanigans that HP has put us through, the ability to refill their newer stuff is over. I have a lovely 7740 which will now live out its life as a scanner-only device (taking up waaay too much space for that unfortunately). It works fine, but only with OE HP cartridges, which I refuse to pay the ridiculous sum of $100 for, per set.

I currently have a small Cannon printer with 120 series carts that I refill all the time. When I asked the guys at inkproducts what could be done about the HP 7740 (952 carts) they said don't waste any more time, as there is currently NO solution. Again, I'll keep it around for its duplex scanning prowess just to see what might develop in the future, but I doubt anything will come of it.

With Tom's recommendation, and my past positive experiences with Cannon, today I ordered a Maxify MB5120 as I can refill those carts freely, and even add an inkproducts CIS if I want. ($250 at B&H Photo)

If you are on the fence about what to do, reach out to the folks at and they can guide you regarding which printers offer the most options with respect to not only meeting your printing needs, but your refilling options while saving you a bundle in the process.

Enjoy! :)
Apr 13, 2021
A long time ago I bought a refill kit for an Epson, which worked out really good until the printer died out. Been through enough Canons to never buy one again. So I hope it worked out for you.
I have a brother that is sucking down the ink and I'm hardly using it. Thinking about getting a tank kit for it, but it costs more than the printer. Came here to see if anyone suggests a printer that is efficient, but I saw your post and thought I'd say- I seem to remember liking having a tank system but I can't remember if it was from inkproducts or misinks.

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