Looking for ADVICE! Which is the best black & white laser printer?

Sep 10, 2010
Hello :)

I came to this forum cos it seems to me the epicenter
of knowledge about printers in the internet, nice to meet you all!

I want to start my own local newspaper/newsletter, starting in a single
legal letter greeting card style format. I am interested
in buying a black and white laser printer because
I want to print about 200 to 500 copies in the front and back weekly,
and it seems to me in the long run, black and white
cartridges will save money compared to color laser printer upkeep.

We have limited amount of monetary funding, so we are
looking for a monochrome laser printer which can
make lots of copies, is strong as a tank, the toner cartridges changed
only once a year, and tested as an industry standard!

Which printer do you reccomend? HPs are catching me attention dunno why! :D
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