Looking for an advice on color printer to replace HP LaserJet 2300

Mar 6, 2012
I was wondering if someone could suggest a printer for me. We currently have the HP LaserJet 2300 in our small business office. We print less or around 100

pages a day. This current HP printer was very reliable but lately its paper loading tray started to malfunction so we decided to look for a replacement.

I don't know much about printers and that is why I'm seeking an advice here -- basically someone's personal experience. Here's what I'm looking for:

A. It must be a laser printer.

B. Ink cartridge cost must be factored in. (Example: We definitely don't want to buy a cheap Dell printer only to have them get back at us with their ultra-

expensive ink.)

C. Have capabilities of printing in color besides the b&w.

D. Our current HP printer has 1,200 dpi and 25 ppm printing capabilities. It would be nice to match it as well.

E. This is not essential but support for wireless printing would be nice.

So any suggestion guys?

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