Best budget wide-format printer for startup poster business?

Mar 7, 2021
Hello, printer forums wizards,
I'm attempting to start a website to sell my artwork (photography/graphic design) as posters, and after failing to find a lucrative deal with local printing factories have decided to buy my own printer. I'm familiar with graphic design but relatively new to the printing world, and as the prices vary wildly, I would greatly appreciate input from you knowledgeable people.

I'm basically looking for:
- A wide-format printer (30" would be perfect, but 24" is ok too)
- With a quality that isn't bad, but basically the cheapest that still works for mass-produced wall art, like posters you buy at the record store.
- That is cost-efficient over time (printing methods and refills) even if the print volume is large.

I realize that a lot of printers are in the 2000-20000$ range, but I'm hoping there is some model out there that is very inexpensive but still delivers reasonable quality at this size. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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