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Jan 7, 2013
I need an all in one printer that copies, scans, and faxes. I couldn't care less whether it prints photos at all. My Canon lasted a few years and some absurd paper jam error came up and I broke it more trying to fix it! I hardly print at all, but we need one that is reliable and I am not afraid to spend some money up front to save in the long run. Which company is the best overall to deal with? I have been all over the forums and I read bad stuff about all of them. The review sites, in my opinion can't really be trusted. I became a member here to search which company had the most hits on the repair site to see but it's too close to call. Is there anywhere that offers reliable, impartial advice?
Jun 27, 2013
Some questions:
* What is your budget?
* Which Canon model did you have?
* Does it need to do any printing at all, or just b/w text? Or "who cares" color?
* Located near a relatively large city with CraigsList?

To save money, you might consider a used, higher end all-in-one. I've got a Canon MX850 purchased used in great condition that has an ADF (automated document feeder) ... which I've never used the ADF ... I got it for photo printing.

Normally, I'd be skeptical about purchase of used printers, as the print-heads are often clogged, and it takes time to unclog for high quality photos. A replacement print-head is hard to justify.

But it sounds like you could get by with a printer with moderate to severe clogs. In your situation, a printer with non-minor clogs is almost a throw-away. I certainly wouldn't pay more than $25 for an originally high-end SOHO printer that failed it's nozzle check.

But in any case, the "lesson learned" might be to be more careful with your next printer. They are rather complex equipment with a LOT to go wrong.

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