Brother HL-L5200DW white vertical lines

Apr 21, 2024
I recently got a second hand Brother HL-L5200DW. It didn't come with drum or toner, so I purchased some third-party options. Upon printing, I found that it prints faint white lines on the left side of the page. It doesn't seem to be a laser issue, as it's more faded than a block white line (I think that indicates it not being a laser issue, but could be wrong).

I replaced the toner and drum and cleaned the corona wire repeatedly, thinking it could be those but it kept happening. I never saw any creases or other issues on the toner or drum rollers, and shook both toners before using. I found the repairman's manual online, and the recommendations were to replace the toner or drum (which I did), clean the diodes on the sides of the machine and the drum (which I also did) or replace the laser.

The printer was packed pretty poorly on shipping, and there were some small Styrofoam balls on the inside of the printer. I tried as hard as I could to clean these all out, but maybe something got stuck inside? My only thoughts are that something is rubbing a line of toner off of the paper, but it seems quite uniform for that.

Am I buggered here? Anything else I could try but haven't thought of? I don't really have the money to spend on another printer and I've already sunk money into toner and drums I do not think I can return.

Any help appreciated, many thanks.

Image of an example print below:


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