Brother MFC-665CW has "No Paper Fed" Error constantly

Dec 15, 2021
Received this very old, used printer as a gift from someone who knew I was in need of one (just so I don't have to walk 45 minutes to a printing service every time I want a couple documents).

This printer is a lifesaver, but constantly has a "No Paper Fed" error despite being loaded with paper. Not excessively, and I know the paper is positioned right -- because every time I dismiss the "No Paper Fed" error anywhere from 2-6 times, it starts printing properly.

When printing a multiple-page document, the printer has no problem knowing that it's full of paper, because it prints all the pages perfectly. Then, when starting another job, it starts going "No Paper Fed" all over again.

I'm guessing the way I loaded the paper is not the problem. It's not in photo mode either.

Any suggestions from anyone who's had similar issues before or an idea of what to try?

I know it's an old printer, so probably no dice, but I'd appreciate it.
Nov 7, 2021
The feed tires are most likely slick. Clean them off with soap & water and get the glaze off of them so you
can feel the rubber. The authorized dealer would not have any since you say it is an old printer.

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