Brother MFC L8690 how to add a pc to the list of users allowed to print ?

Dec 8, 2022
I have a Brother MFC-L8690CDW printer for my association. Via the printer interface (accessible via computer by ip address), I have configured Secure Function Lock, which allows me to lock certain printer functionality (such as color printing) to certain users who misuse prints. This by creating restriction profiles, user names and passwords for each of them. everything works as configured, on the condition of course of doing the authentication in front of the printer (copying, printing via usb etc...). My wish is also to allow the printing of certain PCs. On the interface, on the part list of users, it is clearly indicated that I can add the login name of the PC (which seems a bit vague to me), to allow printing directly via pc. Except that I have added the name of the pc or the username of the pc or even the local ip address of one of the computers, when printing it indicates access denied and the printing does not succeed.
What can I do to allow the PCs I want to be able to print wirelessly without having to go in front of the printer.
thank you.

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