brother printer hl-l2340dw question

Apr 23, 2018
i have the brother hl-l234dw printer and every now and then it forgets something and i can't print. so i have to enter the modem password again. i have an extender att eh printer so it connects to that and the extender is connected to the modem. so it should not be losing the wifi connection but it does.

i have 2 laptop pc's that have to connect to the printer now using wifi but like i said that goes down often so i want to connect both pc's to the printer using the network. i have a network hub also at the modem that all my cameras and pc's tv's and such now use. so i figure the printer could use that as well.

so what i rather do is find a way to get some type of adapter that lets me use the printer cable to a adapter and then the adapter can connect to the modem extender via a ethernet cable or i can run an ethernet cable to the modem.

so does anyone happen to know if there is an adapter that will do this? or maybe if this printer ever had the lan board as an option the i may find on ebay and install it in my printer and then be able to connect my printer to the modem that way?

it is getting old to have to reinstall this printer every time i need to use it.

if you know of a printer that takes the same cartridge and has ethernet let me know and i will ebay one, or if there is an adapter that lets me connect the printer port to an adapter and then to a lan cable please let me know thanks

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