C4580 Printing at Angle

Jun 3, 2014
I have a HP C4580 All-in-One that has served me fairly well, but I am very reluctant to have to replace it. It has had various small issues over the years, but this latest one is annoying me and I cannot see the fix.

Initially, when printing photos on 6" x 4" photo paper, it would print straight, but miss the first centimetre or two. I found the HP video on how to clean the feed rollers, so I completed this exactly as described, to all five rollers.

Now it prints at strange angles! Generally, the print is closer to the centre of the paper, but it seems like the paper has twisted slightly while being fed through.

The adjustable paper width guide is set correctly for 6" x 4" paper and the paper is sat perfectly within the corner marker on the feed tray.

Can anyone give me any clues as to what may be the problem please?

Many thanks

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