Brother MFC-L3710CW label printing problem.

Nov 15, 2020
Hi Everyone,
I am wondering whether anyone has experienced a problem with printing labels on the above mentioned printer.
Let me explain. I recently purchased the above printer shown in the subject line to replace a Brother HL-2270DW. Both of these are laser printers. The HL-2270DW has been a solid work horse for years and one of its tasks has been to print labels from Avery type 5260 and Online Labels type OL875. This its achieved with no problem.
I recently tried to print the same label types on the MFC-L3710CW and was disappointed with the result. Not only was the alignment incorrect, but also the labels appeared to have been made smaller resulting overlaps both horizontally and vertically.
I have had files of address labels and labels for my hobby saved on my computer for years and up until recently have had no problem printing these on the HL2270DW.
The same computer and software (Word 365) was used to send to each printer. The data for creating these labels resides on this computer in the correct format for each label type and as said before has been used many times on the HL...
I tried using Word and the correct template within word to recreate 1 sheet of labels, but ended up with the same bad result on the new printer.
The problem with the incorrect alignment can normally be fixed by margin adjustment in Word, but the image shrinkage is something I have not experienced before.
I have uploaded 1 file for each printers result.
Any advice and help with this problem would be appreciated.


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