Brother MFC-L8900CDW - just purchased and cannot find answers to some issues

Sep 22, 2020
I have three questions that I cannot find an answer to anywhere. I've also noticed the same questions asked by others multiple years ago that have never been answered.

1: I use scan document to email. I get the email with the scanned PDF attachment, PLUS another email saying the scan was successful. How do I turn that second email off?

2. I get a printed fax journal report during the day, but I have never used the fax, and the report lists all of the sending email addresses for emails that I have received during the day on my PC via Outlook. I find this quite perplexing and would really like to turn it off.

3. I get a printed page with a line of * followed by "attached file format not support." then another line of *. Why am I getting this? What is this message referring to? How do I stop this?

These are all a waste of paper and toner.

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