Problems with Fax Brother MFC-L8900CDW. Need urgent help

Feb 27, 2019
Hi everyone. I urgently need help with the fax, please.

Our company bought Brother MFC-L8900CDW roughly a month ago. Everything was fine until today I tried to use fax. I dialed the number, the printer scanned the file and then it tried to send the fax but then I think people who we tried to send it to, they also had problems with the fax so it didn't work.

However, when I tried to send fax to another company today, it started to show me an error saying 'Go to Web Based Management by typing this machine's IP address into your web browser's address bar, and set the email server'.

I have called Brother Customer Support and he told me that it didn't work because Brother printers work only via telephone line that we don't have. However, our local engineer said that the printer that we had before (Xerox DN6605) had the same Fax characteristics and everything worked just fine. Unfortunately, he doesn't remember how he fixed it and therefore doesn't know what to do in this situation.

At the beginning of the next week we urgently need to use fax. So I need to understand whether it was my mistake and I bought a printer that wasn't a right fit for our system or it can be fixed. We use SIP telephony and our cable for fax is connected to the router. We also use Network.

Thank you very much in advance!

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