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Jul 30, 2020
We are a mid-size printing company from Slovenia. We mainly work with UV printing. We wanted to enlarge our printing capabilities; therefore we bought a Flatbed UV printer from Focus printer company. We have had our printer (Vocano Jet Pro) for 2 years now and we wanted to share our story and thoughts.

In short, we can say that this is the worst quality printer we have ever had in our business history.

At first the communication was very good, they have answered to all our questions and made it easy for us. But after the package arrived, we had some troubles already and it was very difficult to get a hold of someone in order to explain and show us how to operate the machine.

The instructions that came with it are written very poorly, some parts make no sense and it is very difficult to understand them. Therefore we contacted them, but it always took so long for them to answer. We also understood there is a time difference between China and Slovenia, and we offered to stay late or come in early have as much time with them, but the responses were very poor.

After we got the machine running somehow, we tried multiple tests to see how well this machine operates. From the beginning, we saw there were troubles with the alignment, and we contacted them on how to fix these things. Also, there were troubles with red ink. It always sprayed around like being under a lot of pressure.

One thing what has very upset us also is the not functioning of the white background and then printing colour on it. The software was never capable to communicate to the machine, that it should print a white background and then the picture or other motive.

For a long time we had troubles printing with the machine. The technicians then said that there might be some hardware problems on the machine and recommended that we replace them. We had to buy a whole new motherboard, printing head as well as all the dampers and tubes. Expanses were not little, but we decided to invest if the machine would work better. Well, they said it will, so we did it.

The new parts made a little difference, so we thought that the main problem was the head because the machine operated similarly as before.

What has always bugged us was also that you had to do several head cleaning processes (7-10) in a row, for the machine to start printing appropriately. 1 or 2 head cleaning was never enough. Also, a lot of ink was used in the process.

For a time we did not use the machine then, because we had to focus our business on a larger operation.

We recently started to use the machine again. After stirring up the ink and doing the usual head cleanings we started to print. It seemed fairly well, we printed on some lighters which were fine in quality. But then from one minute to another, the whole machine blocked. It showed that the Inkbox (as they referrer to it calling it INKBX) was full. We contacted them again and again until the showed us how to reset it. WE tried but nothing changed. We have sent them numerous texts and emails; we have sent a lot of pictures and videos of how we do the process of resetting but they have answered very rarely.

We still do not have an answer to our problem, even after contacting them very often.

We have no use for this machine and until now it has been a bottomless pit of spending money and trying to get it to work. We are very disappointed with the quality and customer service.
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