Epson WF-3640 terrible print quality... help?

Feb 27, 2016
Hey guys!

Unfortunately, I'm not even sure how to describe what I'm getting from my printer, because it's not a smudge and it's not a blot.. but the entire photo (when multiple colors are used in what's being printed) is just covered in blue and/or green. The lines and details are all still there, but heavily tinted with the blue/green. Because I have no words for this, it's hard to search google for a fix.

I've printed an example, and saved the image I printed to show the differences. You'll also notice the page it just printed prior to the photo, and it's crisp and perfect. It just happens with photos that are image heavy rather than text heavy. Any help would be appreciated!! :)
^Saved from google search

Even if there isn't a way to fix it that you know of, maybe you can help me label it so i can research more? Thanks so much!

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