Epson Support identifies "hardware failure" on my WF-3640. Is there a possible fix?

Jun 19, 2020
Just recently my WorkForce WF-3640 has been having problems with black print. Numerous "Nozzle check/Cleaning" cycles have not entirely fixed the problem. But the nozzle check printout is exhibiting an issue that I've never seen before and I'm hoping that someone can identify a fix that doesn't involve buying a new Epson printer, which Epson, of course, is recommending.

The Nozzle check ordinarily printed out by this printer comprises 4 "Boxes" of 24 lines each. The first two boxes are printed in black - "BK" - with the first box having "CB23K3" printed below it and "QP100C97" below the second black box. Then come two boxes of color, stacked as YMC. The oddity I'm seeing here, this time, is that no nozzle check has printed out the 2nd black box. The "BK" and "QP100P97" below where that box should be are printed, but not the box itself.

Anybody have any idea what "hardware failure" this indicates? The ink cartridges themselves (Genuine Epson) have plenty of ink and have been all installed fairly recently.

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