Epson r3000 problems with support

Oct 18, 2012
As a small photo club we bought an epson r3000 however we've had problems from the very start, very inaccurate colours but worse very inconsistant, bleeding on edges, pizza marks etc when we took the printer to Epson service centre in Frankston australia we were at first told that yes there was a problem with the printer but a few days later a phone call told us that the printer was ok but that we used old paper, (untrue) to prove it they shown us 2 of the same photos printed on "new" paper but silly them they hadn't noticed that the 2 pictures had very diffent colours, one had good colours but had bleed marks on the back the second was dull, the blues were grey the skin colour was wrong etc. In spite of admiting that there was an abnormal inconsistency they refused to fix it and even refused to give us Epson phone number??? Has anyone had dealings with Epson after sale service?

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