Updating the ink supply levels on an Epson R3000

May 5, 2020
Mac Mini running Mojave
Epson R3000 printer with Driver 9.29

I have never been able to update the ink supply levels shown on my R3000's utility page.
The last update is always from a month to six weeks earlier.
However, on rare occasions the chart will update itself to the actual date I am viewing the chart. This is always an unexpected and pleasant surprise and I don't know why or when it will happen again..

When I install a needed ink cartridge, and open the ink supply chart, I expect to see that I no longer still need that particular color.
Not so. The ink supply level chart is stuck in the past. Currently the latest update is from March 16. Today is May 5. See uploaded image
Ink levels.png

Is there a way to force the R3000 to show a current update in the ink supply levels chart?

I just ignore the little notice that says The printer is not connected. I gave up trying to correct that issue.
The printer is always shown as connected on my "About This Mac" Hardware Printer's list.

That you for any suggestions.

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