HP Instant Ink

Nov 22, 2020
Hello all,

back last year I helped a family member purchase a new printer and as much as I like Canon he opted for an HP model and when I wasn't watching he signed up for their 'Instant Ink" program.

All went well for the first few months and then unfortunately my brother in law passed away at a very young age which of course started off a chain of canceling accounts for him and finally we got there.

We eventually got the HP Instant Ink account canceled and believe me when I tell you that they made it tough. Then a few weeks ago I tried to use his PC and printer and HP had canceled the ink that was in the printer which was paid for but never used.

So, we now have brand new ink cartridges in the printer but but it wont print because the account has been closed so I now have to go and purchase more ink for the printer.

What a bunch of crooks HP are and lets face it, it's not only them because all the printer companies screw us for the ink which is expected but I had expected to be able to use the ink that he had paid for.

That's about it, I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue with HP and of course when I get to the printer this week I will be checking to see if i can work around this problem because spending another $85.00 + for ink when we have brand new in in the printer is just wrong.


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