Instant Printing, Remove Or Speed Up Spooler, For Ecommerce Label Printing?

Jul 29, 2017
i work in an ecommerce store, that uses webservices/API to shipping companies to create labels instantly. we have a solution to connect to UPS, send our client data and receive a pdf label and automatically send the label to the printer. the problem is the delay we experience. it takes about 2 seconds for send and receive label to UPS, but the pdf file stays in the windows spooler for 6-8 seconds, which is an eternity when we repeat this proccess hundreds of time a day.
this way, our staff spends more time waiting for the label than processing the orders, which is inneficient, and frustrating for the staff.
is there any way to speed this thing up?
should I be looking for a better thermal label printer or software?
any recommendation?
we have datamax, citizen and zebra designers. the printing speed is not the problem, the problem is the spooler.
thanks in advance


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