Epson R3000 Nozzle Check Shows Magenta Lines in Cyan

May 2, 2019
I have an epson R3000 and I'm starting to have problems with it. Every day I do a nozzle check before printing and lately it has been showing a few lines of magenta within the cyan lines. This is happening daily now. A head cleaning fixes it but I'm having to do one everyday and it is wasting a lot of ink. Does anyone know what is causing this. I'm not sure if the problem is with the print head or some other part. I would like try and fix the problem if I can I really like the printer.

I'm attaching a few pics of nozzle checks, sometimes there are a few lines with no ink, sometimes all the lines are there but magenta will always be in the cyan lines.

I clean the capping station and wiper blades regularly because the magenta ink is leaking or dripping on waste pads and wiper blade and makes a mess in that whole area. I'm not sure what is causing it, once I do a head cleaning it fixes the nozzle check but after printing for a while then doing another nozzle check the problem is starting to return.

I'm afraid it might be a hardware failure because of the messy dripping problem but I don't know which part would cause this problem. I have done several ink charges which pushes a lot of ink through the print head hoping it would take care of any clog that might be there but the problem always returns.

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