SureColor P400 rear loading problems

Jun 19, 2020
The printer takes the (fine-art) paper, then tells me there is a 'paper jam', sometimes tells me I have roll paper when I haven't. I check settings very carefully. This printer is 1 year old but I have been using this type of printer for many years so I do know about settings! The rear loading has always been a pain (on my previous R1800 too) as it is easy to upset the printer which usually instantly throws up! But this is takes the paper...there is NO paper jam, it seems to have its messages messed up. On the only occasions I have got it to print in the last couple of days, it has printed in the wrong place. I have tried on and off...even taken the plug is just the same.

It does what it is told when printing Epson Matt from the front slot but that is not for fine-art papers! I often print more than one thing on a sheet to get the colours right on the expensive fine art paper which is the eventual destination .

Anyone know enough about how the beast works to give some advice? Epson don't cover this sort of problem...of course!

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