Epson Surecolor P800 Won't Power Up

Jan 27, 2020
Hi all,
I switched my Surecolour P800 on this morning, and an error came up saying to switch off the printer and refer to manual. The printer took a while to switch off, and when I checked the power cable, there seems to be some damp on the plug's metal parts. I cleaned this, and to be on the safe side, changed the power cable, checking it had the same 10 amp fuse in.
Now the printer will not switch on.
Does anyone have any ideas or know something like this that has happened?
I've checked the new cable and it fires up a monitor fine, so I know the cable is fine.
Also, when plugged in, I can hear a quiet clicking sound from the back of the printer.
Really need to use the printer, but no idea how to get it on. Is there a reset method?
Any ideas welcome...
Many thanks,
Feb 2, 2020
When you say you found dampness that would suggest some kind of liquid has leaked which could have very well shorted something out. If that's the case the printer will need to be serviced. I doubt there are any user serviceable parts inside.

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