Epson SureColorP8000 Printing blank and cutting sheets

Sep 4, 2017
Epson SureColorP8000
Having an issue with our Espon. I print through Photoshop but I have tested the issue through other applications and end up with the same result. The printer will be printing along just fine multiple jobs loaded, individuals or copies it doesn't matter. all of the sudden it will stop mid print and the rest will be blank and then it will cut the page. after that all prints will come out blank and cut. its a huge waste of paper and it sucks because it means i have to keep an eye on it at all times. it will do this randomly after i have printed a ton of stuff too and then the next print i do it will go through the motions of printing, print nothing and spit out the exact size sheet of the job and cut it. I solve this problem by rebooting both the printer and the computer. if i only turn of the printer it doesn't fix the problem which leaves me to believe that it is something to do with the information communicated to the printer. someone mentioned before this may be due to printing pdf files from Photoshop but most of our files are tif, jpg, or psd. it has messed up on all of those types before. boss suggested turning of the computer and not the printer to see if that stop it from misprinting but that doesn't solve the problem, its just temporary fix. called Epson they remote controlled my computer and even she couldnt figure it out, i had to tell her how to print on my computer and she wrote over all our presets!!

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