Epson Surecolor P800 B&W Print Banding

Jul 1, 2018
I purchased the P800 printer a little over 6 months ago. To date, I've been very satisfied with both the color and B&W Prints. I am still using the original ink cartridges and printing on Epson's papers. Recently, I have run across a problem with print banding using Epson's Legacy Fibre paper and Matt Black ink. I print from Lightroom using the calibrated monitor profile for color management. This has produced the best looking prints to date. Since the banding appeared, I've run a nozzle check, cleaned the nozzles, even thought the nozzle check was OK, and run the head alignment test again. Everything is fine, yet I still am getting banding which is especially evident on the larger (13"X19") prints. The ink cartridge supply levels are still OK. Epson's support site seems to provide little help with this problem. Can someone offer a next step to resolve this problem? Here is a sample of the problem.


Mike B&W

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