Can I use Epson 7880 Ink in a desktop tank ink jet printer?

Jul 11, 2018
I have been collecting the empty ink cartridges that we throw away at work. They are Epsons UltraChrome HDR Ink Cartridges (700 mL). There is plenty of ink left over in these when we throw them away. So I break them open and collect the ink and have been providing myself free ink for my 7880 Epson 24" plotter that I own at home. However, I am wondering if I can use this ink in a desktop ink tank printer? Does anyone here with extensive ink knowledge know whether I can do this and if so what would you recommend to use as the desktop printer? Since I am going to purchase one for this experiment. I was looking at the Epson ET-4550 model. Since its EPSON and the ink I am looking at using is EPSON I thought perhaps it would work fine. But I know there are different kinds of ink. For example I own an Epson Artisan printer which uses the "Claria" ink type which is an instant dry ink and I don't think I would want to run this UltraChrome HDR ink in it. So I'm not going to. I do know that the UltraChrome HDR ink is a pigment based ink and not dye based. So I would assume that if I am buying a desktop ink tank printer I would want one that was expecting to use pigment based ink. How can I tell or know what type of ink they are designed to use?

Thank you in advance to anyone here that has any information or knowledge they would like to share. It is most appreciated.


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