Does anybody have an epson 7880 NVRAM image ?

Dec 16, 2016
My friends printer showed an error 00080 code (NVRAM) / Battery issue.
The battery was replaced but in the process of using the NVRAM.EXE software the NVRAM on the printer managed to get wiped
Now the printer will not boot up and apparently the best way to get the printer working is to use a generic (anybodies) NVRAM image and edit the serial / mac address.
Does anybody have a backup of their NVRAM file for an Epson 7880 or (if it will work) an Epson 9880 they could link to or PM ?
As it stands the printer just charges the ink on power up then reaches 99% and stays there forever which is a bit disheartening and expensive in wasted ink !
Any help would be very very much appreciated.

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