Canon TS5050 sometimes prints and sometimes doesn't

Jul 25, 2020
Suddenly my wireless TS5050 printer is selective about printing text and images. It will, in the main, print older documents but for documents created over the last couple of days or so will only produce blank pages. It goes through the motions for example producing the right number of pages - it's just that they are blank! It will satisfactorily print from the Internet and Microsoft Outlook and attachments but merely blank pages for newly created docs from the Microsoft family (ie WORD, EXCEL and Publisher). It also produces blank sheets from my PC Notepad app. It WILL however print satisfactorily any Notepad docs created and sent from an IPad

It also produces blank sheets if a Microsoft doc is sent to and attempted to be printed by an IPad

I am using Windows 10 (latest updates installed 26 June) and Microsoft 2019. I have re-installed the Windows 10 printer driver from Canon to no avail. Has anyone come across this before? Grateful for advice as its driving me CRAZY!

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