Nov 25, 2020
Hi, i was hoping for some help with my pro 10s printer.

I'm having issues matching the colours to the print with how my image looks on my pc with Lightroom. There may also be a difference between the basic print/preview and the one with the print studio pro plugin.

As an example, i have printed a beach sunset. The original colours are a very light yellow/orange but with the basic lightroom printing the colours have come out more pink, it also affects the blue of the sea. But with the print studio pro, the colours are more close to it, but i still have issues with the exposure and getting it bright enough. ( I now have 3 different versions of this print due to tests)

Is there anything i am doing wrong? I don't want to waste paper and ink constantly readujsting, and im worried it will be happening with the rest of my images.

thank you
Nov 21, 2020
There was a report some months back about Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop having an update that did something to the colour reproduction when it came to printing. Not sure if/how they resolved the issue but I'd look for any info' on that and see if there's an update, etc..

Failing that, do a nozzle check and make sure all the inks are firing successfully.

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